Graphics anomalies in control window

  • Hi
    Strange things have started to happen. Using a text edit control. Entry area started showing two panels. Replaced edit control with another and the same thing happened. Secondary entry box is usually under the correct box. Confused by this one... My preview windows sometimes have an offset with previous clip showing behind. ( green bar is previous clip in attachmed photo) Had another slider that started showing a compressed picture from the stills bin. Removed still from bin, continued to happen. Now OK. A couple of times when using the spilt window there was a strange overlap that made each window inactive. Restarting computer clears things... Weird! 
    Any advice?  Thx, John
    haven't done my sig yet: 2009 MBP, 10.6.8, latest isadora

    a181b4-dbltextentry.png 48643c-previewoverlap.png

  • Tech Staff

    No idea..... lol sorry.

    If you unlock edit mode and then re-lock it does it go away?

  • Tech Staff

    Hi John

    I have similar problems, I posted a bug report pre version 1.3.0f24 a while ago but it's still there.

    ac3bd6-overlap-in-splitmode.png 49b63f-overlap-in-scene-window.png ac75fc-strange-textfield-behave.png 1b0b3b-izzyfiletotest.izz

  • Funny how companionship makes problems seem less irritating!  Thanks for your reply.  John

  • I'm lonely. Can I have this problem too?

  • Tech Staff

    @mockej: if you are on a mac and use the newest version, download the izzy file I have attached in my previous post. Do you then have that problem or not?


  • Damn, my mac mini is packed away since the last show... I have to admit there is a certain analytic high to replicating a bug, but that will have to wait till I unpack!

  • Hahah... "analytic high" -- if that were true, I'd be stoned all the time. ;-)

    Anyway, remember to vote for bug fixes here. The higher the number, the faster I'll get at it.

  • fwiw, I can't successfully download Michel's test link... comes in as a  text file only.


  • Tech Staff

    But if you hover the file does it say .izz? and what happens when you change the downloaded file type to .izz?


  • Is there a problem with downloading links from the server? If so, I can look into that.

    Best Wishes,

  • The file michel put up for this discussion comes as a .izz.txt file. So if I double click it opens in another browser window as text and if I do "download file.." is shows up as a .txt file. Not sure about other downloads. Have only tried this one.

    And how does one "vote for bug fixes here"?

  • There is a weird procedure with Finder that wants to add bogus extension(.txt, .html) to some files. Try just deleting .txt.

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