Following the Kinect + Isadora tutorials on Windows 10 and Having Issues

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    So I've been following this tutorial - 


    And it took me a while to even get where I am (where processing is working and tracking Kinect info).  Unfortunately, there a lot of missing files I had to track down - but I got it!

    Buuuut now I can't get anything out of processing and into Isadora - Spoutreciever2 failed on launch, and the new one needs Spoutpanel.exe which wasn't available in the version of Spout (beta) that had all the files in it - so I can't figure out how to receive the video data.

    More disappointing, OSC doesn't seem to be transferring either, and that's what I really need it for.  I don't see any errors in the Processing log, and my skeleton is tracking just fine (as far as I can tell) - but Isadora isn't recieving any OSC from Processing.

    I'm on Windows 10, the version of Processing recommended in the Tutorial, using a Kinect 1414 and Isadora 2.5.2 - any ideas?  The video feed isn't as important for my current project, but it would be nice.  What I really need is OSC.  Thanks!

  • @Rekno2005

    Here's the OSC section of the processing file - I just checked TouchOSC to make sure it wasn't Isadora having the issue (it's not).  Whatever the issue, it's from processing.

  • Tech Staff

    Hi there,

    Could you provide us with the file itself (upload it either with the forum or zip and send us a link with a online service) then I can actually see or I can give you any help. The image that you provided seems to be correct, and when I try the examples of the OSCP5 library everthing seems to be working fine.

    + try out the follow code and let us know or you get any feedback if you go to Isadora > Stream Setup (tick the little box 'Auto-detect input') and press the canvas of the running processing patch with your mouse

  • @Juriaan

    I used the files in the tutorials - didn't make any changes in there.  The processing is attached.  In Izzy, I couldn't get the "stream setup" to recognize anything out of processing.  However, touchOSC worked fine.


  • @Juriaan - and yes, Isadora saw the "example" file you sent me when I clicked the canvas.