Position/ Zoom Actor

  • Dear Community, 

    I need to control the position of objects BEFORE they reach the projector. By now, I am solving the task by using a 3D Projector plus a Virtual Stage Actor. I think this might be an awful waste of resources, considering that in my setup I have to make use of estimated 80 3D Projectors. Is there any way to get hands on an Actor that provides positioning/ Zoom only?

    Thank you, kindly

  • hi,

    you can use the very usefull FFGL actor "fr parameter" that you will find here:

  • Tech Staff


    Go to the "Get it" menu and then to the "related downloads section" and download the "FreeFrame plugins collection", there is a FFGLPanSpinZoom actor inside the collection.

    Best Michel

  • @Michel & @artoo: thank you :) 


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