Alternative windows plugin for black to white gradient

  • Hello guys,

    does anyone have a suggestion for a windows equivalent to CI smooth linear gradient?
    What I need is a gradient generator, what is capable of generating an white to black gradient and change its width and position.

    I need this to achieve a smooth fade between two videos which are positioned side by side. With the help of the alpha mask actor I can have a blend like combination of both, instead of a hard edge.

    Thank you for any advise

  • Tech Staff

    The first two look like they could work:

  • Thank you Skulpture,

    I already thought about GLSL and had a look at these. But I'm pretty new to shaders. Going to try it and fiddle around with them though.
    Anyways it would be a great advantage to have a native actor like the CI gradient. Tried around a bit with it and in combination with alpha, it could even solve the so long requested flexible soft edge issue!

    While writing this, I recognise, that I was wrong in my description. What I need ist a gradient from white to transparent. With the CI gradient, one can use the colour picker and just slide down the opacity.
    Why isn't this possible with the default gradient actor?


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    create a black to white gradient and add it as the alpha channel to a video stream.
    Use the "Add Alpha Channel" actor. It will use the BW gradient as the mask input and will create the alpha on the video input channel.|
    If you want Black to alpha you just need to run a "Background Color" actor in as the video input.

  • hello DusX,

    I already achieved that on OSX with ci gradient. Works like a charm. But I need the same for a project where a Windows server is used. No OSX, no ci. There doesn't seem to be a equivalent to the ci actor.



  • Tech Staff


    There is a gradient FFGL included in the FFGL SDK. (creates a color to color gradient horizontally, I don't think black is an option.)



    The direct link should download the zip from sourceforge.

    In the zip, open Binaries, then win32. In there are a few FFGL plugins, including a FFGLGradients

    Also, the FFGL bundle from Troikatronix may have a gradient plugin (I think it does, but can't check currently)

    Now I don't know if these are equivalent to the CI actor, but they probably provide some options. GLSL may be both your best option and best performing.

  • Thanks DusX,

    The FFGL does hue only.

    Anyways, I'm wondering why this isn't already standard. It would do the edge blending what was asked now and then very well.



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