Heavy crashing with Decklink Duo 2 and 3 HD SDI inputs.

  • Does anyone have experience with a Decklink Duo 2 in a dual Processor Xeon Server and a Radeon FirePro W9000.

    I'm experiencing a lot of crashes, which seam to be related to the SDI live Inputs.

    Any suggestions would be very appreciated.


  • After further research and trial and error, it seams more related to scaling issues. My default stage resolution is 4612px x 1200. I play max. two FullHD 1080p50 videoclips at a time. These are Prores 422 coded. There are much more crashes if the default setting is on "scale to default resolution". But even with "scale to smallest resolution" Everithing is very unstable. At the least I even tried a Movie player and projector and still experiencing the crashes. 
    Does anyone have some indication where to dig further?

    Resolume as well as Isadora have heavy issues with rendering the mapping window while stages are on. These results in GUI glitches with difficulties to klick down the window, etc.

    The Server is totaly new and fresh installed. I tried to reinstall and updated all necessary drivers and software. Even tried to go back to older graphic and blackmagic drivers.

    This is the Hardware

    Intel Xeon E5-2643v3 @ 3.40GHz (2x)

    RAM 64GB

    Radeon FirePro W9100

    Decklink Duo 2 with 3 inputs used (crashes even without using it)

    Isadora 2.5.2

  • @DillTheKraut I am guessing you are on Windows, I have a few suggestions I noticed. First turn of vertical retrace sync, second make sure all you screens have the exact same refresh rate (an match it to your SDI Inputs). Last use the render heads Direct show hap codec to create hap about files, again same refresh rate (or half of your screen are 50p, 25p movies will do fin seee).

    I had a lot of issues with taxing tasks for Izzy on Windows but after these changes (even if I wanted something else these fixes worked for me to get a heavy session going ok on Windows).

    Edit, just saw, Also get rid of Windows 7, 10 works great and is up to date, it is not supported by the black magic drivers for the card you are using and also a likely cause.


  • Thank you @Fred,

    The most points you are suggesting are already done. Windows as the basic issue was a guess as well. Will see if an update to 10 will be possible.

    "it is not supported by the black magic drivers for the card you are using and also a likely cause." What exactly is not supported? Win7? Is there any official statement?


  • @DillTheKraut

    The fact that the card came out almost 8 years after the OS is a good start, you will not be using the most optmised drivers. Also there is a few discussions on the BM forum suggesting their win7 compatibility is shaky. Also what motherboard and slot are you using? This card needs 4 full lanes, many motherbaords will share resources between various devices and by using some drive slots or PCIe slots together you will lose full speed on other options like PCIe slots.

    Any reason why you went for win 7 anyway? IMHO it was not the best most stable OS.

  • @DillTheKraut PS One more thing, I am using HAP encoded AVI's and apart from Isadoras glitches I get much better performance than using quicktime movies on windows.


    Getting it directly from after effects.