GLSL variable error

  • I'm trying to use GLSL Actor but I am having difficulties because iTime variable is not being recognized in any of the scripts. I tried to replace it with other words or to define it in the beaning but again I couldn't solve the issue.

    Error Message: error C1008:-11 undefined variable "iTime"

    Furthermore I am trying to follow this tutorial: https://support.troikatronix.c...


  • Tech Staff


    I am getting this error with a lot of the code I am using from Shadertoy. Not sure what it means sorry!

  • Hi,

    @Skulpture I think I found a solution!

    Codes are working when I am replacing iTime with iGlobalTime 

  • Tech Staff

    Oh cool - wonder where this has popped up from?

    At least there is a find and replace feature! haha. :) 

  • hi,

    another one very frequently used in shadertoy and wich doesn't work in isadora:

    the variable "texture".

    you have to replace it by "texture2D".

    this should allow you to use a lot of shaders from shadertoy...

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