Multi-scene navigation and layering

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    I have an Isadora project that is showing some intermittent weird behaviour when using 'Activate Scene' and 'Deactivate Scene' actors triggered from the control interface. I just thought someone may have a better system for working with scenes that are intended to be layered based on 'projector' actor 'layer' attribute?

    The idea is that there are a few scenes active simultaneously and their content layered on a specified stage.

    What I am getting is intermittent activation of untriggered scenes or unexpected deactivation. This is most prevalent when first opening the Isadora file - it then starts to settle down and respond to control triggers in an expected way.

    Any suggestions for a more efficient scene control interface would be appreciated.

    Scene Control Interface

  • Hi,

    I had a project once with unexpected triggers on the first opening and I could identify the comparator as the bad guy. It triggers on its very first appearance, after that works like expected. Maybe that helps.



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    Thanks for that. I will keep an eye on the comparator.