Automatic deactivation of unused picture players

  • Dear community,

    I am building an actor that contains 64 picture players.  Using a pan_spin_zoom_actor, I provide defined positions for each picture. Since I never make use of all of them at once, I want to find a solution to automatically deactivate those players who do not contain picture content to save resources. I tried to make use of a comparator_actor (if loaded picture = 0, turn off visibility of the player), but this actor only reacts, if receiving a change. In my setup, changes to the loaded pictures are not being made. What I needed was a comparator_actor that frequently updates, or a different solution. Any suggestions? THANK YOU :)

  • Beta Gold

    Have you tried changing the mode on the Comparator actor from "Change" to "Always"?

  • @Salimelo

    You could try using the actors that have the option to  ignore their connected processes when a 'gated' parameter is enabled. These are the'Selector' and 'Router' actors. The Isadora manual explains these in more detail.



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