User actor with variable number of inputs.

  • I have a little user actor that I made from a suggestion that Mark gave me.  Essentially it lets you use the control panel to jump between scenes.  I made it a user actor so that I could have multiple buttons on the control panel running into it instead of using a radio button or similar.  I'll attach a copy of the .iua but essentially there are a bunch of user inputs that all go to the same place inside the actor, I would like to be able to vary the number of inputs depending on how many I need for a particular show.  Something like the way you can change the number of items on a data array actor.  Can anyone think of a way to do this that doesn't require writing a new actor with the SDK?  I don't mind diving into that, since I meant to anyway, I just know that there's plenty of stuff in isadora I haven't found yet so it might be possible without writing a new actor.


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    Not possible without the SDK.

  • Cool,