Video Routing (Werkstatt Request)

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    During the Werkstatt I showed a way to send video's from two scenes to one projector. (Helpful when you have one big mapping you may have to change live but you don't want to save and update all user actors with that projector and you can also add some effect with the fades.)

    I promised to post it in the forum so here it is with some updates:
    • I added a multichannel version for when you have to play more scenes at the same time.
    • An automated video picker will update the video for you, just drag in some video's in the video folder and each scene will get a video.


    Video routing.izz

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    Many thanks my friend!

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    I tweaked your file and User Actors a bit to make a very large template for the multi-channel version of the router that I'll be making use of, and I thought I'd share in case anybody else wanted to use it as well.

    • Note that there's a Set Global Values actor in the CONTROLS Scene. This is *VERY* important.
      • This is where to set:
        • The number of Scenes
        • The (absolute) Scene Number of the CONTROLS Scene
        • The first Broadcaster channel
      • All of the multi-channel router User Actors (v3) have Get Global Values actors that pair with the Set Global Values actor in the CONTROLS Scene.
    • A limitation I've noticed is that if you're using media that isn't all the same resolution/aspect ratio, the Multimix actor will scale to the smallest size when you've got more than one scene active simultaneously.
      • Thus, users must be careful to match their media resolutions/aspect ratios or use Scaler actors if they want to use this template.

    Thanks so much for sharing this method Gertjan, you're a prince among men.

    Best Wishes,

    Woland (Lucas Wilson-Spiro)


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    Thank you for your edit.

    Do you want to play 64 video's at the same time?

    If only one video is playing at a time i use a movie player connected to a data array with movie, movie length.... and than with a midi controller i shoose the data array item. It's very fast and you only need one movie player and one projector.

    Groeten gertjan

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    @GertjanB I was just trying to build something where I could hop through any number of Scenes and maybe have another one or two active.