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    Hello All,

    A while ago I made my first iteration of what I call "Sequential Calculators", and I've since made three more.

    They do exactly what they sound like they do; they calculate in a sequence. Excellent for when you've got a huge amount of Broadcasters and Listeners you need to be able to renumber without doing each individually, also useful for mass MIDI Note On/Off Watcher and/or Send MIDI Note actor numbering (for those using it for MIDI I suggest consulting this MIDI Note/Number/Frequency Chart), generating a series of numbers with regular intervals, and a number of other applications for which they keep being useful. Depending on interest, I might label things in them a bit better, or explain more about how they work, but I think they're pretty self-explanatory right now.

    Under the right circumstances, they can save one a great deal of programming time.

    Note: the "One Octave" versions are modular, and are meant to be "stacked" (as seen in the photo) until you've got the number of outputs you need, and also because the larger ones were a bit unwieldy.

    Sequential Calculator "Family"

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    Best Wishes,

    Woland (Lucas Wilson-Spiro)


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    I think there is also a possibility to do it with a javascript actor.
    This allows you to put as many as you want an you dont have to change it every time
    This is the code:

    /* input 1: first channel

    input 2: step

    input 3: number of outputs*/

    function main()


    var array = [];

    array[0]= arguments[0];

    for (i = 1; i < arguments[2]; i++) { 

        array[i]=array[i-1] + arguments[1];


    return array;


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    @GertjanB  Thanks. I really should dive into Java...

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    One of these User Actors or the Javascript option should be quite the time-saver in adding more octaves to your theremin.

  • definitely I have to implement this way I can also add some features like tune changing and so one