Existential Crisis Clock

  • Hello all,

    Inspired by the butter-passing robot from Rick and Morty and Marvin the Paranoid Android from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, I made a (technically useless) User Actor at Isadora Werkstatt Berlin 2017. It uses the Clock actor and the Speak Text actor to tell you the date, month, year, and time fifteen minutes past, thirty minutes past, and forty-five minutes past, and on the hour, as well lamenting the pointlessness of its own existence and encouraging the listener to do something constructive with their life at four set times during each hour.

    I had fun making it, (though the little bastard did interrupt me while I was showing a Patch during the Quick and Dirty session!) Hopefully it'll make someone else chuckle too. Either that or leave in running somewhere quiet to annoy someone, or adapt it for your own purposes.


    Woland (Lucas Wilson-Spiro)

    Existential Crisis Clock.iua

  • @Woland NICE!

  • @vanakaru Thanks :D

  • Tech Staff

    Haha. Brilliant. 

  • @Skulpture Adding to this User Actor is going to be my new intermittent hobby. Thinking of adding "on this day in history" and "celebrity/historical figure birthday" functions.

  • It's very funny. Love it!

  • @Woland: Thank you.

  • @vanderzee You're very welcome

  • Ah, Lucas, nice to be able to connect the Forum name to the real person! And thank you for this! I look forward to future iterations :-)

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