Using Kinect sensor, spout folder missing

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    I am trying to install my Kinect(model 1414) on my PC (Windows10). I was following the Isadora Kinect tutorial and got stock on step 3(for windows). When downloading SPOUT2 I realized that the folder ''Processing'' was missing and I can't find the files that needs to be moved to the folder Isadora Kinect Tutorial Files. ("spout.pde" and " Maybe those files were removed in the new Spout version?!? Any tips and advices would be appreciated. Thanks!

    Step 3 (Windows Only): Install Spout Related Files

    To add Spout support when running under Windows, you need to copy some files into the folder where the example Sketch (.pde) files are located. For this example you'll be installing into the folder you downloaded in step 2, "Isadora Kinect Tutorial Files." Keep in mind you'll always need to add these files to the same folder as the .pde file if that file uses Spout.

    1. Open the Spout downloads page.
    2. Click the download link under the Spout logo to download the file.
    3. After the download completes, run the SpoutSetup installer.
    4. Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Spout2\PROCESSING\Win32\Spout Receiver. Select the two files called "spout.pde" and "" as well as the folder called "code"; then press Ctrl-C or choose Copy from the toolbar.
    5. Navigate to the folder you downloaded in Step 1 called "Isadora Kinect Tutorial Files."Open the folder called "Isadora_Kinect_Tracking_Win." There  you should see the file "Isadora_Kinect_Tracking_Win.pde"
    6. Press Ctrl-V or choose Paste from the toolbar to paste the items you copied above into the"Isadora Kinect Tutorial Files" folder.
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    I found this out myself just a week ago. 

    For now I have been using ni-mate. The free version works fine and the installer automatically installs all the drivers and background apps you need. 

    I made a quick tutorial here: