• HI I have managed to get the kinect running with Processing 3 sketch. Now I need to add on Syphone code  (from my previous post https://community.troikatronix...) Q: how does syphone works with 3D images? I am getting Data from Processing + kinect in 3D with 360 degree view - put into syphone and through syphone to Isadora. However I will loose the 3D image and 360 degree properties as I understand syphone is image/video therefore 2D. Is there a way where Isadora can retain the 3D image properties? 

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    Youu can only mainuplate the image in processing. It’s the processing code that is making the 3D visualisation. All syphon is doing is taking a copy of the output and sending it to isadora which is reciving a copy of image. 

    So you can’t rotate the 3D image in XYZ space in isadora; only in processing.