Projection onto a plastic sheeting

  • I am doing an "arte povera" stage design with projection on the plastic film, similar to the one used in construction. Since this material is cheap, I would like to get some variations between several plastic film screens I will be using in terms of transparency, diffusion etc. For example, I am contemplating putting some "dust" or "frost" on the film, which may partially come off (the intended behavior) in the process of the actors working with the screens. Has anybody have any experience to share? 


  • I used plastic tarp before and the notes I have are that it works better as a rear projection surface. the downside is the hot spot. if you frost it, it may become a better front surface - I'd use hair spray as it'll become permanent..

  • I've used the plastic that has a small grid of fibres within it normally used to cover scaf, I got the scenic artist to do a light dust cover with white paint using a compressor and that worked well for front projection.

  • Thanks LPmode and simon!


  • here we where also searching (in Brazil at the moment) but we couldn't find cheap plastic (funny enough) as in Europe. We fund "tulle" material for €0.40 per meter (3 meter width) instead...

  • @bruper : In the States, I am looking at construction plastic sheeting: which come in large sizes, thicknesses and is flame retardant. Not expensive. One example application is this:


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  • Dear Eight,

    Also, if you are careful, I suspect you can make a very light "dusting" of white spray paint on the plastic. Troika Ranch's set designer did this on some black plastic mesh onto which we were projecting, and it had a very noticeable effect without making the surface noticeably white. Just my $0.02.
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