Connecting Mac and PC to boost Isadora performance

  • Dear Community,

    after some experimenting I managed to bust the capacity of my MBPro at just a quarter of the tasks I need to be performed using Ableton Live and Isadora. Currently, I am using only Midi Messages for communication between the two applications, but I am planning to implement OSC as well. My plan is to buy a Windows PC and to install Isadora there to perform the heavy lifting, connecting both systems via Ethernet. Is there anybody willing to share his experience with a setup like this? THANK YOU :)

  • @Salimelo I ran a show last year where I did everything but the live audio in Isadora on a Windows machine, and ran the live audio (mic input, effects, directional sound output) in Isadora from a Mac controlled by the PC Isadora. It was very simple to do using MIDI controls and/or OSC.
    Secrets to success: 

    1: using a dedicated router with DHCP to connect only these two machines and the iPad sending OSC messages via TouchOSC.
    2. Assign IP addresses to the machines, so that the IP addresses are always the same.