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    Hello all,

    I'm in NYC for the next few months (before [hopefully] moving to Berlin), and was wondering if anyone wanted to try to get together and play with Isadora, share ideas/knowledge/tools/advice/expertise, create projects, experiment together, etc. 

    I also teach private and group Isadora workshops if there are any NYC/NJ beginners who would like to book me.

    Let's hang out and play with Isadora, yeah?

    Best wishes,

    Woland (Lucas Wilson-Spiro)

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    Like the language combination NYC Stammtisch ))😄

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    I figured we should call it the same thing everywhere so that everyone knows what we're talking about. :D

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    Great idea, the Stammtisch branding))

  • @Woland I am in NY/Brooklyn but am out of town until 2nd week of Oct. Would love to meet up to play with Izzy if you're still in town oct/nov. also, drop a line if you end up doing any workshops. Cheers- Kathleen

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    @judgeworks (and @Shigezo)

    I will most definitely let you know. Still waiting on other NYC-based Isadora users to voice interest in a get together. 


    I do give private workshops if that's something that you'd like to discuss via PM or email.

  • Hey Woland,

    I am definitely interested in a get together! I'm based in Brooklyn/NY and would love to play with Izzy and meet other NYC based Izzy users.


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    I will keep you informed. 

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    @judgeworks @Shigezo @JPDance

    Would sometime during the weekend of the 14th/15th of October (Sat/Sun) work for you fine folks? I have a friend/student in town for a performance at Dixon Place on the 18th, and they'd love to join in the Stammtisch fun. 

    If there are conflicts for that weekend, would the following weekend work better, 21st/22nd of October (Sat/Sun)?

    Best Wishes,

    Woland (Lucas Wilson-Spiro)

    P.S. Perhaps if we can get this going on a regular basis, I'll make a Facebook page so that we don't blow up the forum conversing about this, but can post the link to the event on the forum for interested parties.

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    I'd be into meeting up as well!

    I am currently on tour in Asia but come back next week. October 14th and 15th look great to me.

    As well I am planning on attending Future of Story Telling Festival on the 6th or 7th if anyone is into meeting up then!


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    I've created a group chat where the inception of this event can be discussed without blowing up the forum (as I feel there will be a lot of back and forth in figuring out the scheduling and a venue for it to take place). I'd love to make it monthly or bimonthly, as it'd be a great way to further foster the connections between Isadora Users in NYC. 

    Everyone who already commented on this topic ( @judgeworks @Shigezo @JPDance @Bob288 ) I've added you to the chat already. Anybody interested in joining in:

    • Please reply to this topic if you'd like me to add you to the chat.
      • It'll bump this topic and make it more likely for others to see.
    • Please PM me if you'd like to be removed from the chat.
      • I don't want to bump the post too much so please don't ask to be removed from the group chat here.
      • If the group chat gets busy, I might not see your request to be removed.
      • For these reasons, please send me a PM (private message) individually if you'd like to leave the group chat.
      • OR - Let me know via PM that you've left the group chat (as one can remove oneself from a chat).
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    Just to keep any potentially-interested NYC-based Isadora Users in the loop:

    Date: It's looking like we're probably going to be meeting up on Sunday Oct. 22nd. My hope is that this is the first of many Isadora Stammtisch NYC events. 

    Venue: Is still to be decided, but we've had a couple interested parties say that they might be able to provide a space for us.

    Focus: I've just started the discussion in the group chat about what we'd like to focus on when we meet up.

    If you're interested in attending and would like to join the Isadora Forum group chat, or can possibly provide a venue for us to host this event, please comment on this post.

    I'm always happy to use Isadora, any chance I get, for any reason, for any amount of time, with any Isadora User(s) (regardless of whether you're a pro or are just starting out, it's always fun for me). So if you're unable to attend this event, are a NYC-based Isadora User, and would like to meet up one-on-one with me to play around with Isadora, send me a PM (private message). 

    Thank you all!

    Best Wishes,


    P.S. Isadora Users in other cities: If you're sad you can't come to our party, why not make your own? Who wants to be the one to start this in Boston? Chicago? Philly? LA? Paris? 

    "Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success." - Henry Ford

  • @Woland I don't know how to select this as group chat. I am interested in attending Oct 22nd but won't be free until the evening. Hopefully it's an evening gathering. - Kathleen

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    Bumping this post to see if there are any other NYC folks who are interested in attending the first Isadora Stammtisch NYC. I'm hoping to make this a regular thing for as long as I remain in NYC, (you know, before I flee the country to escape the nuclear war that #45 is itching to start.) 

    We're still in search of a venue, (which need not be huge), if anybody knows of anywhere that I should contact, or if anyone has connections that they might be able to put to use for us, that would be amazing.

    See my post above if you are interested in attending this event, or subsequent events, and would like to be added to the Isadora Stammtisch NYC group chat.

    Best Wishes,

    Woland (Lucas Wilson-Spiro)

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    ***WE HAVE A VENUE***

    @judgeworks has very kindly secured us a conference room in Brooklyn for Sunday, Oct 22nd, from 2pm-8pm.

    We have room for a couple more folks if anyone is interested. 

    Quick reminder that this is a *free* event (hopefully the first of many).

  • I'm in NYC at 3LD the last weeks in November if there is a second Stammtisch happening next month - would love to say hello

  • @Woland I am also around last week of november, let me know if there is a meet.

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    @Plastictaxi @Fred
    I'm hoping to do this every month, so I'll see if other folks are also available then. It'd be great to include you both next time :)

    @JPdance @judgeworks and I met up today in Brooklyn for the first Isadora Stammtisch NYC and had a blast! It's always great to see what other folks are doing with Isadora and see how artists from different backgrounds come at the program in different ways. 

    I'll be starting a new forum topic and a new group chat for the November Stammtisch, so keep your eyes peeled.

    Best wishes,

    Woland (Lucas Wilson-Spiro)

  • @Woland thanks again for organizing and @judgeworks thanks again for providing space! I had a blast as well and learned a lot. Looking forward to meeting again in November!

  • @Woland  Yes, really fantastic meeting.  Look fwd to future gatherings. 

    THanks Lucas for the great tips and guidance w/ all especially the Qlab/Isadora setup. 

    Look fwd to seeing one of your dance performances @JPDance