Isadora Stammtisch NYC

  • Hello all,

    I'm in NYC for the next few months (before [hopefully] moving to Berlin), and was wondering if anyone wanted to try to get together and play with Isadora, share ideas/knowledge/tools/advice/expertise, create projects, experiment together, etc. 

    I also teach private and group Isadora workshops if there are any NYC/NJ beginners who would like to book me.

    Let's hang out and play with Isadora, yeah?

    Best wishes,

    Woland (Lucas Wilson-Spiro)

  • Tech Staff

    Like the language combination NYC Stammtisch ))😄

  • @crystalhorizon

    I figured we should call it the same thing everywhere so that everyone knows what we're talking about. :D

  • Tech Staff

    Great idea, the Stammtisch branding))

  • @Woland I am in NY/Brooklyn but am out of town until 2nd week of Oct. Would love to meet up to play with Izzy if you're still in town oct/nov. also, drop a line if you end up doing any workshops. Cheers- Kathleen

  • @judgeworks (and @Shigezo)

    I will most definitely let you know. Still waiting on other NYC-based Isadora users to voice interest in a get together. 


    I do give private workshops if that's something that you'd like to discuss via PM or email.

  • Hey Woland,

    I am definitely interested in a get together! I'm based in Brooklyn/NY and would love to play with Izzy and meet other NYC based Izzy users.


  • @JPDance

    I will keep you informed. 

  • @judgeworks @Shigezo @JPDance

    Would sometime during the weekend of the 14th/15th of October (Sat/Sun) work for you fine folks? I have a friend/student in town for a performance at Dixon Place on the 18th, and they'd love to join in the Stammtisch fun. 

    If there are conflicts for that weekend, would the following weekend work better, 21st/22nd of October (Sat/Sun)?

    Best Wishes,

    Woland (Lucas Wilson-Spiro)

    P.S. Perhaps if we can get this going on a regular basis, I'll make a Facebook page so that we don't blow up the forum conversing about this, but can post the link to the event on the forum for interested parties.

  • @Woland 

    I'd be into meeting up as well!

    I am currently on tour in Asia but come back next week. October 14th and 15th look great to me.

    As well I am planning on attending Future of Story Telling Festival on the 6th or 7th if anyone is into meeting up then!


  • I've created a group chat where the inception of this event can be discussed without blowing up the forum (as I feel there will be a lot of back and forth in figuring out the scheduling and a venue for it to take place). I'd love to make it monthly or bimonthly, as it'd be a great way to further foster the connections between Isadora Users in NYC. 

    Everyone who already commented on this topic ( @judgeworks @Shigezo @JPDance @Bob288 ) I've added you to the chat already. Anybody interested in joining in:

    • Please reply to this topic if you'd like me to add you to the chat.
      • It'll bump this topic and make it more likely for others to see.
    • Please PM me if you'd like to be removed from the chat.
      • I don't want to bump the post too much so please don't ask to be removed from the group chat here.
      • If the group chat gets busy, I might not see your request to be removed.
      • For these reasons, please send me a PM (private message) individually if you'd like to leave the group chat.
      • OR - Let me know via PM that you've left the group chat (as one can remove oneself from a chat).

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