Performance Utilizing Isadora in NYC

  • Tech Staff

    Hello all,

    I'm currently NYC-based, and I've designed the projections for the premier of a production called The House of Charity using Isadora. It's part of the DreamUp Festival, and is running at City for the New City, on the corner of 1st Av and East 10th St.

    If anybody would like to come see the rest of our performance dates are:

    Saturday - September 2 - 8pm
    Sunday - September 3 - 2pm
    Monday - September 4 - 6:30pm
    Wednesday - September 13 - 9pm

    Tickets can be found here if there are any interested parties. (I'd comp people's tickets, but we're only allowed to comp in industry reviewers.)

    Best wishes,

    Woland (Lucas Wilson-Spiro)

  • Tech Staff

    please share some vid clips once complete for those of us that can't make it ☺

  • Tech Staff


    Unfortunately we've got some Equity actors, so video recordings are a huge no-no :(

    I'm pushing for a photo call though, (we'll see if that actually happens), so hopefully I'll be able to post some pics.

    Best wishes,