Fading out of linedrawing scene into the next scene

  • I am using a line drawing patch found on this forum. 

    One problem is that I can't fade out into the next scene, since the projector stops output upon the start of the scene transition.

    I have considered using recording stage output into a file and then playing the last frame of this video file in the next scene. However, each time I do a transition, the file name changes as well as its number in the media bin.

    Is there a better/simpler way?


  • Tech Staff


    Well I guess the problem is that you are using the "space bar" to fade to the next scene, but in the patch there is also a keyboard watcher listening to the space bar to reset the drawing. Change the keyboard watcher to something else and it will work. 

    By the way, this old patch still uses cpu actors that are not recommended anymore. There is a new Live-Drawing actor inside Isadora that uses GPU, you can download the patch here: https://community.troikatronix... just add the "wave generator" and the "color maker HSBA" and connect it to the color input of the Live-Drawing actor. You have to press "a" for the drawing to activate and "r" to reset the drawing.

    Best Michel 

  • @Michel Of course! The only explanation I missed that simple explanation is that I am in tech and not thinking straight.