Crestron switcher serial commands

  • Does anyone happen to know what the serial commands for a crestron switcher are?  Specifically I am using a dm-md8x1 and I really only need the commands to switch to HDMI ports 1 and 2.  Im using a modified version of @Michel 's awesome keepizzyup4ever patch. Thanks!

  • Hi

    I  used isadora control of crestron extensively on a project, but its a while back now. What I do remember is that the software used to control and configure the crestron spits out the command lines in its console, and I copied them from there and sent them via tcp stream. That worked rock solid. Unfortunately I dont have that patch anymore, but it was the way to go.

    Hope that helps.

  • @fubbi, yeah, I unfortunately don't have access to a controller processor, and it seems like that's what I'd need to get this up and running (or at the very least get the proper format for the commands, and it seems like there is something wonky specific to this particular model and outside control).  I've been picking the brains of folks at the crestron subreddit, but I've pretty much given up trying to automate this specific portion of my master/slave system; everything else is automated, so having the SM manually press a button on the switch (luckily it's located in the booth) isn't really a problem.  It seems like it should be possible, especially since I can send and receive signal to and from the switcher, but I've not been able to control it at all.  I guess I can't blame crestron for wanting to keep control in the crestron family (wanting us to purchase a separate processor), but it's still frustrating.  Thanks for the response!