•  apologise  in advance for  asking what to many of you will be a simple question of “just work it out”.DoD Isadora set up.pdf

    I went on the Berlin Workshop  in 2016 and learnt a lot but I seldom do programming  so I have forgotten most of what I learned.

    I am doing an event performance called Dragons of Drummohr. It is a show filled with augmented reality characters that you can capture and photograph . 

    There are also REAL  immersive installations in which you spend time , such as the Troll Cabin where  you can look up the price of Dragon liver and skin on the black market.

    Also Dragon Protection League headquarters where you can learn how dragons have been persecuted over the years and are now being saved.

    The event is Dragons of Drummohr  and there is more about it on dragonmatrix.org.uk

    What I need help for 

    I want to set up an infrared camera to monitor a space. The Dragon Dance Floor

    When people enter that space they are tracked by the camera and when they hit some preset cooridinates  they trigger a  6sec fireball to to rush across the screen.

    For variation I thought to have 3 different triggers firing 3 different movies.

    IT would also be great to have a holding pattern( like the dots )as a general tracking projection

    The event is outdoors   the screen is actually an old  deserted mansion .

    The person curating this part of the event is a member of the Dragon Protection League and they will be telling people that they are participating in an ancient dance to protect dragons.

    Can anyone help me set this  up ?? I don't have a big budget but I have some money to purchase Isadora  and get it working

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    1) Where are you located? This event sounds very interesting. [Edit: I looked it up. Seems that you're in Scotland.]

    2) Do you have a camera to use, or are you asking for hardware recommendations as well?

    3) What is the size of the area you wish to do motion tracking in? Do you need to track the whole space, or just the "trigger area"? (If just the trigger area, I suggest getting a original Kinect for the Xbox 360 [IMPORTANT, make sure it's model 1414]. You can pick them up fairly cheaply, and it'll mean your tracking will not be affected by changes in light levels.)

    4) What do you mean by "holding pattern (like the dots) as a general tracking projection?" Is this media to project, or are you talking about media that's intended to be used for testing your tracking setup?

    I have a User Actor that I could update for your purpose I think, which simplifies the process of setting up a "trigger area" for motion/infrared tracking. I'll dig into updating it if you'd like. 

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  • @Woland

    hi there 

    I just bought a kinect and hooked it up using the tutorial.

     so I have a  pile of  falling dots following a skeleton.

    to answer your questions

    the size of area van be anything.. in fact we'll decorate it   with a  proscenium  so folk know where to dance 

    lets say 3m long 2 m high

    so holding pattern would be if no one was in the  dance area and nothing was being tracked then some generic fire video plays

    any more info you need I would be happy to deliver

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    Sorry, been a bit busy of late.

    Here are some generic fiery Shaders that I pulled from ShaderToy and tweaked a bit for a project of mine. Paste the text into a GLSL Shader actor and see if they'll work for you.

    Red Smoke



    Other free fire vid sources:

    Link 1

    Can't remember/find what sites I normally source from, but I think I found them via lists like this and this



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    Hello @symac,

    Question: Are you currently working on building the Isadora Patch for this project yourself? I've been meaning to play more with the Kinect and skeletal tracking via Processing for a while, (since it has been on my ever-growing list for a number or months), so I could dive into building a skeleton of an Isadora Patch around your concept if you'd like.

    From what I understand, your build is:

    Is this correct?

    Best wishes,