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  • Hi I am trying to trigger a movie player/video via OSC but I need the visibility ON when its triggered with OSC, and once the video finish to have visibility OFF. At the moment my set up is this, but the video is stuck on visibility OFF therefore OSC has not control over it. Any suggestions please would much appreciated. 

  • one way to do this in to put trigger value 1 on movie player visible triggered by OSC listener.

    movie player on off.izz

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    The Toggle actor is also handy if you need to alternate between both and on and off states. If you only ever need to turn it on, I agree with @vanakaru that a Trigger Value actor with a value of 1 is the way to go, (then there's no possibility of double-triggering and accidentally turning it off again.)

  • @Woland @Vanakaru Thank you both for your I have tried to set the trigger to value 1 - and it stops..I also tried toggle and I think that works best for me - with Toggle works well the Osc trigger on/off. Here is another question and not sure if its possible - so if I have Osc trigger (the trigger is sent from Max Msp on allocated channel) thefore the sound triggers the toggle/video on and once Osc receive another trigger from Max it triggers toggle/video off/ - however I can set up that if it Osc trigger is too fast one after another it does ignore the trigger off? What actor would i use? I looked at gate actor but still no luck, perhaps timer actor? or any other suggestions? thank you. L 

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    The actor you are looking for is the Multi Blocker actor.

    Best Michel

  • @Michel Thank you that is perfect. It is working how I wanted. Thank you.L 

  • @Michel one more question how do I set it up so the video does not come ON when it goes to new scene? I want the video to be triggered only by OSC so when it goes to new scene the video is set OFF till OSC triggers it? thank you. L

  • @LucieDance inizialize movie player to OFF

  • @Maximortal Thank you unfortunately that still does not work when entering new scene the movie player comes ON. 

  • @LucieDance I often use gate actors to avoid unwanted activations. If you post your patch I can take a look inside it.

  • @Maximortal Thank you here it is. trigger.izz

  • @LucieDance it seems that you forgot to initialize also the trigger actors, try to set em like this.

  • @Maximortal Perfect its working. Thank you, much appreciated.  L 

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