Start Live Capture crashing new install of 2.5.2.

  • Hello. I just installed 2.5.2. I'm building a *really* basic patch that is just basically for live feed and it's crashing every time I click Start Live Capture, no matter what camera I try to use...FaceTime, webcam, or a canon camcorder running through Black Magic Intensity Shuttle. I can't imagine that I'm doing anything wrong, but it also seems too major to be a bug. I guess I'll try to go back to 2.2.2 because I don't really have time, but I like to try to keep up to date. A

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    Have you submitted a bug report?

    Even if its not a problem with Isadora - the crash report should highlight what's wrong.

  • Hi @Skulpture and anybody else out there. I did submitt a bug report and crash reports to @Monty who was in touch yesterday, but I haven't heard from him at all today. I'm getting concerned that I won't get this figured out in time for tech. It's not a complicated patch but is contingent on two capture devices (a webcam and an bm intensity shuttle) operating at the same time. I had it working great with 2.2.2 and then unthinkingly upgraded. Can anybody just send me the link to download 2.2.2 usb so that I can get this show up and running? Thanks!

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    Here you are my friend: 


    Best of luck,


  • @Woland Oh, geesh. I swear I searched for this. Legacy...should have typed legacy. But THANK YOU!!

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    I still need to flesh it out more, but the first and second part of this post on my website shows you how to keep multiple versions of Isadora on your Mac. It's actually super simple and easy.

    Quick and dirty explanation on how to have multiple versions of Isadora on your Mac (and probably PC):

    • Go into your applications.
    • Right-Click on the folder named "Isadora".
    • Select "Rename" from the menu.
    • Rename the folder "Isadora" to "Isadora [Version Number]" before you update or download an older version. 
      • That way, the "new" folder named "Isadora" won't replace the "old" one, and you can keep as many versions as you want. 
    • When you want to open an Isadora Patch with an older version:
      • Make sure to close all versions of Isadora ahead of time.
      • Right-Click on the Isadora Patch and select "Open with".
      • Choose the version of Isadora that you want to use to open the Isadora Patch from the menu.
      • Rejoice.

    - Woland

  • OK...well...thanks to @woland I was able to step back to 2.2.2. Great! Except it didn't work. I'm still getting crashes as soon as I click Start Live Capture, even just with the facetime camera. So I've gone from worried to mild panic. I'm going to attach my 5 most recent crash reports, which will span the two case anybody can remotely help with this. Oh, also, I saw the note about adobe creative cloud and removed all of those programs, but that didn't help either. Like I said, this is super easy and basic patch that worked totally fine during a workshop version of this show. Can anybody tell me what's going on or what I should do?

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    Two quick things to try to see if it's just an easy hardware issue.

    1. Unplug all your peripheral devices (BM Intensity Shuttle, USB Webcam, USB Hubs, etc.) and try Live Capture again just using your Facetime camera.
    2. Try your same Patch on a different computer (with as few peripheral devices as possible).

    If you've used this Patch previously for a show and it worked, are there any pieces of hardware that you're using this time around that you weren't using last time?

  • @Woland Thanks so much for your help -- it *did* help! I actually didn't have any peripheries, other than my ext monitor, but it made me realize that my ext hard drive has some sneaky software that hides itself in not obvious places and so I removed that and voila! Now I have izzy up with a webcam, blackmagic, and facetime all running at once. What a relief. So, for now, I think I'll stay with 2.2.2 since the original patch was made using it and I don't need any more surprises. 

    I really appreciate you walking me through that. Hopefully it'll be smooth sailing from here. 

    Have a great weekend!

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    No problem my friend, glad to hear everything worked out. Personally, I'd love to know the make, model, and software associated with your external hard drive that interferes with live capture. I'm sure @Monty would also be glad to know via your support ticket. Roadblocks that are communal knowledge cease to be roadblocks, if that makes any sense.

    Best wishes,