Movie Player different behavior depending on version

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    I'm using a User Actor to go through different cues in a movie player, which basically works by changing the position and play length as in and out point of the cue.

    Using this actor with latest install I have, I've noticed a problem I haven't encountered for some time: each time I go to next cue, the player doesn't take consideration of the position input (for the cue in) and play the movie back from the beginning until the new cue out.

    I've went through some version I have and, it does work with 2.2.2 // 2.4.5b16 // 2.4.5b20

    It stops working from 2.5.x  (tested with 2.5.1 // 2.5.2 // 2.5.3b05

    I guess something changed in the way the movie player handles the files?

    I'm using .mov HAP with MBP i7 2,3 GHz 16Go RAM NVidia GT 750M 2048 Mo

    Anybody had the same problem? Is it a known issue? 

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