• I confess, when I start patching in isadora often I don't have a precise plan, I follow my inspiration and I try different solutions to archive the goal.

    this is the typical  result, and this is a simplest sample I found in recent works

    What I need to do is to clean connections an draw em straight, parrallel and with a "logic" but to do it I have to clear em one by one and re connect em one by one.

    If there will be a feature where you are able to create a bend into a connection after you connet it probably the tidy can be quicker.

    Suggestions? Ideas?

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    I am obsessed with organizing my Patches, for my own benefit when I come back later, for the benefit of an emergency operator/programmer if I get hit by a bus or something, and especially in my User Actors, which I like to be "Forum Share-Ready" (neat connections that are easy to follow and lots of comments).

    Neat connections are very important in my opinion, as they makes it easier to follow the flow of data and backwards engineer what's going on in a patch.

    Like you, I've had things messy, but working, and gone back and cleaned them up. However, it makes me nervous that I have to disconnect things in order to clean up in this fashion, and so sometimes the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" adage has me too scared to clean up some working, but really complex, patches. Being able to add and remove anchor points along the wires/lines would, I feel, be very helpful not just aesthetically, but also in terms of efficiently making a well-organized Patch.

    I actually submitted a feature request for this already, and here's the link to that post if it's at all helpful to you.

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    @Maximortal, @woland,

    I agree about the need to have some ability to deal with connection wires. I have been using Fritizing to document circuit designs and thought the functionality of wiring in that app would be brilliant in Isadora. In Fritzing to add a bendpoint to a wire you double-click on a wire where you want the bendpoint and double click again to remove a bendpoint corner - simple. Being able to drag and reposition the corners of a path in a ratsnest of connection wires is a critical need in Isadora. Because a patch can grow organically and multiple node 'systems' might be required to interact. I find I am often designing patches in blocks of related functions and connections. For example a system that outputs DMX to a dimmer rack in the same patch that processes 'kinect' or an OSC system talking to Processing or a microcontroller along with a live audio system extracting frequencies and levels. All these systems interact - and this is the brilliance of Isadora as a creative development environment - having some way to retro-define wire connection paths will be greatly appreciated by the Isadora community I am sure.



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    Thanks for sharing about Fritzing. Here's a link for interested parties. It's a great tool and, while a donation is suggested, it is free to those who cannot donate at the moment.

    It's available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

    - Woland 

  • @Woland Great tip on Fritzing! Thanks, I donated and downloaded... hoping it solves many problems. I'm a bit obsessive about my patches. I find the time it takes to organize usually helps me think about what's next or how what I came up with is either good or not so good.