• Hi there.

    I have a sketch on processing to receive the image from kinect v2 and send it then to Isadora via Spout. This was working just fine, but since I updated on windows 10 and latest version of processing I get an error

    Could not run the sketch (Target VM failed to initialize).
    For more information, read revisions.txt and Help ? Troubleshooting.

    All the rest of the sketches work just fine. 

    And don't have an NVidia graphics card, which seems to generate a problem due to drivers. ANY IDEAS Please?

    import spout.*;
    import KinectPV2.*;

    PImage img;
    PGraphics canvas; 
    KinectPV2 kinect;
    Spout spout;

    void setup() {
      size(640, 360, P3D);
      kinect = new KinectPV2(this);

      canvas = createGraphics(1920, 1080, P3D);
      img = loadImage("SpoutLogoMarble3.bmp");
        spout = new Spout(this);
      spout.createSender("rgb image");


    void draw()  { 

    background(0, 90, 100);
      canvas.image(kinect.getColorImage(), 0, 0, 1920, 1080);


  • @eratatat

    I would suggest that there are much easier ways of doing this with the new Kinect than via Processing.

    There are two main approaches, using NIMATE, which @Skulpture has been exploring, and which I have been doing lots of investigation into recently, though more with skeleton tracking than with ghost mapping and then @DusX has created his own solution, the Kinect2Share which is excellent at getting the full range of Kinect images (B&W cutout, Colour, keyed and depth) into Isadora via Spout.

    NiMate: https://ni-mate.com/
    Skulpture's tutorial on using NiMate with Isadora
    DusX / Ryan's Kinect2share

    Hope this helps
    Mark (t'other one)

  • @mark_m thanks for the info. I had used kinect2share before and now downloading it again to try it out. Sorry, to ask, but if I download the zip file, how can I run the app? 


  • @eratatat
    Here's the direct link to downloading the release file, just so we know you have the right one.
    Unzip the file, then you will see kinect2share.exe. All you need to do is double click on that to open the program.

  • @mark_m thanks a lot. I've downloaded it and am running it now. However, when I try to run spout on isadora, it crashes!!!! Is there something I need to be careful of about what I get from kinect2share?

  • @mark_m I'm updating you on this because unfortunately I'm not on the solution to a simple problem as yet. I downgraded to spout 2.005, instead of the new one. 

    I tried again the processing sketch, it worked at first, but then stuck again with the same message.

    I'm running now kinect2share. 

    I receive other images (keyed image etc) apart from the RGB image on Isadora. 

    Is there any possibility that there is a bug with spout with HD sendout? 

    I'm on windows 10 and spout 2.005, was on windows 8 before and spout 2.005 and everything was working. I really can't understand why I can't receive the RGB image. Any help would be useful, I've got the same show running for a second season and it's almost as if I'm on point 0 again!

  • @dusx 

    I can't get the RGB image out to either Isadora or Resolume. 

    The keyed and cutout images are sent via Spout alright

    Is there something extra I have to install? 

    I would really appreciate if you can help, this is simple, just trying to figure it out!

    Massive thanks

  • @eratatat  Maybe stupid question, but if all you're using the Kinect for is to get an RGB image into Isadora, there are a lot of other easier ways to do that...Anyhow, I am on Windows 10 with Spout 2.005 and I am not having issues getting the RGB image from Kinect2share into Isadora. Strange that you should get all the others but the RGB one. I've no idea what could be different about that. Maybe @DusX does.

    You have worked your way through this article to make sure that Spout is properly installed for Isadora?
    And you've had a look at the Spout manual which is installed with the program to check all is configured properly there?
    If Spout isn't working with the Kinect RGB image in either Isadora or Resolume, it suggests to me that the problem is with either Spout or your system.
    I see you've already posted your problem on the Spout forum. At this point I've nothing further to suggest. Wiser minds than mine may have better solutions.

  • Tech Staff

    Have you 'checked' the "Color -> spout" option in the Parameters dialog (in kinect2share)?
    If you are able to get the other feeds, that's the only reason I can think of.
    Internally they are all running the same way.

    Note, that if you are not using the Keyed image, you should make sure its unchecked (slows the framerate, its cpu heavy)

  • Tech Staff


    Well.. I just did a quick test, and it seems 2 of the spout feeds aren't working for me now.... really strange.. I swear they were.
    So I can only suggest trying a older release. I just tested with the previous release (kinect2share_v0.2-beta) and Color is listed for Spout.

    heres the link to the releases page: https://github.com/rwebber/kin...

    I'll take a look at fixing this in the current build asap

  • Tech Staff

    OK, It seems that I did something that's blocking a couple Spout feeds, when the On-Off of the NDI features is set off.
    So make sure NDI is checked, restart the app, and test for the Spout feeds you need.
    There isn't much overhead until you turn on the NDI feeds individually, so it should be fine.. 
    I have the fix working in my local build so I will push out a fix to github as a new release in the next day or so.