7 days to Go and still I cant make this work

  • Thanks for the patch Graham . This is what it looks like I'll be able to try it out tonight  DRagons Dance patch 2.izz

    so  the camera is looking at 5 spaces and anything entering triggers a video any comments welcome

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    Like @DusX said i would crop the image with a chop pixel actor to look at specific parts. 

    I made a quick sketch with some mathematics: you can put in the number of divisions you want horizontally and vertically. and than what part you want to look at.

    For simple motion detection and triggering I normally just use the difference actor and calculate brightness.

    Dragon dance Gertjan Biasino Test.izz

    Groeten Gertjan

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    I'm loving how into this everyone is ☺

    Seems like the solution is in hand.

  • so I tried out the patch that graham sent me and also the patch that Gerjan Suggested.

    The chop worked well but had a lot of echo in it   in the end I adapted  Graham's patch .

    I mount  the camera above an area and down light it. The audience will enter wearing hats with  tags as they move into an area it will trigger the video. I can adjust the threshold so as to cut out the echo feedback  that starts sending everything into a loop.

    Can you see any flaws in this patch ??Dragon dance floor.izz

  • the echo/feedback issue can be solved by putting an infrared filter in front of the camera (assuming your camera is sensitive to infrared light, cctv cameras and camcorders with the 'nightshot' function are the safest bet) and lighting the people with something that contains infrared (basically: not LED) - if you want it to be dark to see the projection best, you can use pure infrared light.

  • @symac 

    I'll echo (!)  @dbini's suggestion of nightshot camera and cheap-as-chips IR lights from Amazon or eBay. I'm doing reasonably consistent on-stage tracking with this method: ancient Sony Camcorder with nightshot and wide angle adaptor, and a quartet of these guys:  using a patch a bit like Graham's.

  • about eco if you must stay with normal light many years ago i did something using linear polarizing filters, one for the projector and one for the camera twisted of 90°. It worked prettw well on a silver sceen, I don't know if work also on a normal projecting surfaces

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    @primaldivine once suggested to me making use of IR floodlights, specifically the type manufactured for mounting on vehicles/to be used for nighttime hunting because of the quantity of IR light they’re designed to produce. While I never gave it a go, it always seemed to be a great idea.

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    Any chance you’d be willing to post here, or as a new topic, the make and model of your old-but-gold Sony camcorder and the wide-angle lens/adaptor? I’d also love to know your method for getting it into Isadora. (Canopus? Black magic?Cables used?) It’d be great to have the info here on the forum for a full IR setup that’s already been vetted/verified as working.

  • Hi,

    I've read through the feed and notice @symac mentioned to make the audience wear hats. Then he could maybe solve the IR problem by mounting little IR LED with battery on the hats. You can have very fine tracking after and no more echo problem with your projection.

    That seems also easier than preparing the proper IR lighting of the area