• hey there,

    i m sending midi from a drum kit [with magnetic triggers] through isadora to a lanbox [via wifi]

    the problem is that the data stream send from isadora seems to overload the processing power of the lanbox and my lights not always turn off, but stay on some random values

    so i m looking for a way to limit the amount of data i m sending

    the signal flow now is:

    from the note on watcher i use the velocity to set the high of an envelop generator and the trigger to start set envelop generator 

    that value goes streight to the lanboxchannels

    i was quickly on the phone with wouter from lanbox and he suggested that it might be the to much data for the lanbox to process and that he thought that there was a way to limit the data that isadora is sending out

    anybody any idea?

    jan fedinger

  • here a screenshot

  • Tech Staff


    You can add the multi blocker, the default value of 0.1 seconds could already be fine.

    Best Michel

  • Hi

    what michel suggested is good for the isadora side.

    I have done a bunch of percussive stuff with the lanbox and I think I know what you mean. The secret sauce is using the layers in the lanbox. The layers are essentially like their own complete lanbox and can run different cue lists and steps in parallel.

    You must use the lanbox tcp setup, its easy and much more reliaible than serial. With the "lanbox GO" actor you can trigger a list, or just a step in a list (depending on how you do you lists in lcEdit. And most importantly it gives you the choice of layer.

    So now you can have a layer free for each of the concurrent processes and not run in to the "overload"

    Just add layers in the lanbox and give them a letter A B C etc. You can add tons of them. 

    And in the lanbox GO actor layer 1 is A and 2 is B etc.

    Sample patch attached



  • Tech Staff


    I'd love to see a short video of this once it's up and running. It's always cool to see demos of projects that people are doing with Isadora.

    Best of luck!