canon t5 camera connection with isadora

  • hi ! I would like to know  how I can connect a Canon T5 to Isadora 

    Hello ! I would like to know how I can connect a canon t5 to isadora, downloaded a program but it has a watermark, help me!

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    Are you a robot by any chance?

  • not at all

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    Very good to know. Sorry, there's been a few instances of robo-posts on the forum with repetitive text in the last couple months. 

    Perhaps try the demo of ExtraWebCam: Link

    Found it browsing DusX's blog a few days ago. @DusX , do you know if this still works, or do you use something else now?

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    P.S. As I understand it, the easiest way is to find something that will make your camera behave like a USB webcam. Might be worth Googling "Canon T5 USB webcam" or "Canon T5 live video capture" or something along those lines if you haven't already. I could be wrong, but either way I'm sure there are lots of folks on the forum who'll be able to steer you in the right direction if ExtraWebCam doesn't work for you.

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    I don't seem to have extrawebcam installed anymore, and haven't used it for sometime. When I did it was very easy since it made the Camera appear to Isadora as a webcam.

    More recently I have used the Canon eos sdk to build a project that shared the video via Spout, unfortunately that app is specific to a project and can't be shared without being rebuilt.
    This old forum thread contain another Mac option.. perhaps something similar is available for the PC.

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    My experience is limited to Mac, but any app you can use to get a video feed out of the camera, which can't be detected by Isadora, can be fed into Isadora by combining Syphon (free) with either ScreenCaptureSyphon ($10) or Syphoner (Free, but worse than ScreenCaptureSyphon if memory serves). 

    Spout (free) is the Windows equivalent of Syphon.

    Edit: Just to put the Mac-only software DusX was referencing here on the new forum here's a link to Cannon2Syphon

    Also, following that link, the application's author referenced another person's application called v002 Capture Live, which the author said was probably better than their own work.

  • thank you very much but failed in all, I will try with siphon to see what happens, thank you!

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    Are you working on Mac or Windows?

  • windows use 

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    Walkthrough for Mac in this video
    Walkthrough for Windows in this video 

    Both videos show a method to allow for live capture with a Canon using the EOS Software Utility that comes on disk with the camera. 
    (Note: if you don't have the disk, choose your model from the list found here to download the official EOS software utility.) 
    There was a specific comment that spoke about working with the Canon Rebel T5i that said to get the software here as well.

    Software mentioned in the videos and in the comments:

    OBS (Free, Windows, Mac, Linux)
    My gut says to go for this one, as I know professional streamers use it, and the times I've played around with it, it seemed extremely solid.

    SplitCamera (Free, Windows, said to have no watermark)

    CamTwist (Free, Mac, said to have no watermark)

    ManyCam (Free, Windows/Mac/Android/IOS, but apparently with a watermark)

    If you have ~$190 to throw at the problem there's also this the Black Magic Intensity Shuttle USB 3.0 which DusX mentioned in the old forum post linked above, and is also mentioned in some of the comments on these videos.

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    One thing worth noting is that these 'typically' use the live view feature of Canon cameras to supply the video. 

    The liveview is not HD, and is different for each model.
    This site has the most complete list of models and corresponding live view resolutions I have found.

    For a Quality HD feed from DSLR you really need to capture from the HDMI output.

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    @Woland said:

    Are you a robot by any chance?

     I've edited the post. 

  • @Woland very useful, unfortunately OBS do not support natively a spout out...i'll take a look on NDI plugin..

    O.T.i dream to grab animata into isadora, i did it with many cam and mapio years ago, but OBS seems to be more stable

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    How about a screen capture to spout method?

  • @DusX I do not have animata anymore