• I am having some very rough playback with Isadora. I believe that it is the computer and not being able to playback multiple videos at a time. I am curious what other's opinions are. 


    2.9 GHz Intel Core i5
    8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
    NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 1024 MB

    Isadora 2.5.2

    Playing back resolution at 1024x768 29.97fps

    Using a matrix triple head from one display port to 3 projectors and one display port to VGA adapter to a 4th projector. 

    Doing some simple mapping and blending nothing crazy. 

    I am not able to get the videos to playback smoothly. At max I have 3 moving in one scene, and they won't play smoothly especially when I fade between cues. 

    Any thoughts would be appreciated. 



  • Tech Staff


    What codec are the videos using? 

    What type of drive are the playing from?

  • @DusX

    HAP codec

    the drive is a 1TB 7200RPM

  • Tech Staff

    Keep in mind that if you’ve got two Scenes, each playing three videos, when you’re in one or the other, your computer is only having to deal with the strain of three videos at once, but when you crossfade between the Scenes, your computer is dealing with playing all six videos at once (for the duration of the crossfade while both Scenes are active).

    I always try to use videos at the lowest resolution I can get away with without sacrificing the quality of the design. (What’s the lowest resolution you can use without the audience being able to tell the difference?) If your projection surfaces are huge and flat, obviously resolution needs to be high, but if they’re small or uneven surfaces, you can get away with a drop in resolution, which will boost performance.

  • Tech Staff

    Hap is a great codec, but the files are large require a lot of transfer bandwidth.

    Your HDD probably can't handle the thru put. I would suggest getting a SSD as a secondary internal drive if possible but if not you can use it externally via the fasted io you have (usb3, thunderbolt).

    The SSD will perform much better. You can even split the media load across multiple drives if needed.