• since I start using Isadora I was envious of mac user  (i'm a windows one) for few things, one was syphon. Through it you are able to put anything you need into isadora as video feed. 

    Now also win can do it!!! (or better...it can do it since a lot of time...but now I know how.. 😆)

    thanks to @Woland i've started to play with OBS, a beautiful program that allow to grab almost anything you got on you PC and stream it to facebook, youtube, twich and so on

    i.e. you can grab a windows from skype, one from chrome and one from you webcam and create an unique video feed (also audio)

    OBS also got a beautiful plug in that allow you to cast video and audio to NDI network

    thanks to spout folks NDI can goes into spout...spout goes into isadora so for transitive property ANYTHING GOES INTO IZZY!!!

    here an evidence

    here some links if you want to try it by yourself







    OBS to NDI


    This is a quick and raw report, there something dark in the FFGL plug in (index value...) and also i've not tested intensively the stability, but for me it was a big discover that open me a lot of possibility.

    I hope to be helpful for at least some one 


  • Tech Staff

    for sure! It's a powerful combination.

    It's true that the index selector for the NDI ffgl isn't great... but you can set it up with a enterscene value toggle to get it to select correctly.