Avoiding "cut" with video mixer ?

  • Hello,

    I am quite beginner with live video (although not with modular system like max/msp)
    so, sorry if my question is too "basic"

    My patch is very simple, I would like to mix a live video capture with some pre-recorded movie file
    so I am using the video mixer, but the problem appear when I start a movie and I am on the
    video capture image, when I lauch the movie (or skype to one from another), the live video capture cut for a little while and then stabilize
    is it a way to avoid such cut ?

    thank you for help


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    Can you take a screen grab of your patch and post that?
    I'm not entirely sure how you have this running.

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    +1 I can't understand the problem.

    In its simplest form; if the video mixer is on "100" (the second video source) and you change the video/image it it will jump or 'cut'. You would have to mix to "0" (the first video source) in order to change it. Just like a DJ or VJ does.

  • do you mean the live feed freezes for a moment, then carries on - like a stutter in the live feed - that tends to be caused by the movie loading into memory ready to play if you are switching movies it is very hard to avoid that

  • Yes Nick, exactly, it freeze for  a short while and it seems to vibrate also, very unelegant;-)

    including a screen shot  of my patch

    @Skulpture, of course !!! but hey - for example -  if I mix two audio  sources, with the fader open on the second one, when I change the first one , I don't want to ear any click or jump on the open one,
    I don't know if it clear now ;-)


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    How are you selecting the new movie? Is it a slider or knob?
    I wonder if in the process of selecting the new movie that movie player is not getting many other values along the way.
    if you are playing movie 1, and switch to movie 5, is the actor getting values 2 thru 4 before landing on 5?
    This could cause a number of ram preload issues, that i would expect to cause the problem you are having.
    If you are using a bin picker, then I would have to ask about movie size, codec etc.. perhaps the bis per second are to high for your system to load on the fly.

  • to select the movie I use a bin picker, my movies here are about 700go, pros res 422 HD

    then I use a button, to start the movie by sending a "on" to  the "visible" input of the movie player

    and the problem is apprear both when I select a new movie and when I start it

  • oh, I forget to tell that it is a Macbook pro core i7 with a 7200 tr drive

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    Hmm. What version of Isadora?
    Mark has mentioned that some big improvements/changes on movie loading have been made in the latest pre-releases.

  • 1.3.0f24

    I know it is not the pre relaesed one, I will try with the 1.3.0f25

  • ok, but where is the 1.3.0f25 ??
    I do not find it

  • @ Dusk, you gave me a great advice,  I finally found the last release, installed it
    and now it is running very fluently, no more cut

    thanks for help guys !!