• Hello,

    is it possible with Isadora to move a slider with a CC via a midi controller ?

    I know we can send midi controll to controll the actors behaviour
    but we don't have much visual feedback(except the tiny actors number box)
    so having the possibilty to assign midi controll to button etc..should be great
    specially for live performance


  • Hey Eryck
    If you create a slider in the control panel then drag the control ID number (the little orange number) to the output Value of the MIDI control watcher then the Value will affect the slider.
    Note: the slider itself won't change the CC Value but it will work as a visual aid in this set up.
    Hope that helps.

  • Hi Lanz, great it works
    with your trick !!!

    and I just found another way
    by clicking the option "show values on linked prperties" (in the slider, button etc...inspector)

    thanks again,


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  • hmm...well, yes I know, all is supposed to be in the manual

    but listen Skulpture :

    1. this "show values on linked properties"is NOT is the video tutorials

    2. I have no chance to read all the 453 pages of the manual before my creation in february

    3. no moral lessons to receive from you or anybody

    thanks again


  • Calm down, was anybodys response 'go and read the 453 page manual' ?

  • Dear Eryck,

    In response to your comment directed at Skulpture:
    Isadora is a very complex program -- it is impossible to cover every situation in the online tutorials. The tutorials are there to cover the most common situations. If you wish to use the program to its full depth, you will need to, in fact, read the manual.
    Your response to Skulpture comes off very badly, like your angry at him for suggesting that you watch the tutorials. He most certainly did not give you a "moral lesson." Comments of that nature are not welcome on this forum. If you wish to continue to be part of this community, turn it down a notch.
    Mark Coniglio
    Creator of Isadora
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    Ouch! Reading your first line (again) it really sounds like you want to "move a slider to control a CC value using a midi controller" and I believe the YouTube videos show you how to do this. I spend every spare minute in this forum and creating tutorials for isadora on my own blog. I apologise slightly for not adding comments to my posts but I was actually walking home from work and doing this via my iPhone. (Note that it is half 8 in the morning here in the UK and first thing I do of a Sunday morning.... Im on here! Helping people....) This is not a 'put you down' or sarcastic forum. We welcome new users with myself and many others spending a lot of time helping people like yourself. Don't know what else to say.... I'm a bit shocked actually. First time this has happened! Thanks Nick and Mark!

  • Dear Skulpture,

    after reading again my own post this morning, I felt bad, and I apologize
    for this unconsidered and stupid attack.
    I asked a question, then Lanz kindly responds and gave me the solution, then you suggest
    me to look the tutorials (in fact I look them all before buying the program)
    and...yes I felt stupidly aggressed, which is not of course, just a misfeeling from my part, at the end of the day.... Sorry again.
    And yes of course I will read the manual, as I do for all my tools, and specially those I consider great
    like this one,

    have a nice day,