Making a "3D paper book" in Isadora from 2D assests?

  • Hi everyone,

    I am trying to create a 3D screne in Isadora, that looks like a 3D paper book:

    3d paper book

    I want to import all individual 2D images (the tree, the car, the house, etc) and to freely move them and rotate them among X,Y,Z.

    I guess it's a noob question, but I've tried anything I could think of, but still no success.

    Any advise on how I can achive my goal ?

    Thanks in an advance!



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    Hi S,

    It is not too difficult to get a 2.5D effect in Isadora using some of the 3D actors available. Your 2D images require transparency so prepare your images in Photoshop with transparency and save using PNG image file format to preserve the transparency information before importing into Isadora.

    Here is a screen grab that shows the Isadora actors you will want to use:

    And here is the same patch created in Isadora 2.5.2 Mac edition:

    hope it helps you


  • @bonemap THANK YOU SO MUCH!




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    @bonemap thats a lovely patch! Thanks for sharing, uups was this a thank you too much 😝