Sync 2 macbook pro, single trigger or timecode?

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    I have a simple question. How to create a sync between 2 macs? I have a mac that plays audio and one that plays the video. I usually send a midi trigger from one computer to another, even calculating any latency, but I was advised to use sync through timecode. What is it? is an external hardware that sends the sync to the 2 computers? or is it another midi solution?

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    you can have one computer as master and the other as slave. Net Broadcaster and Listener actor work great here

  • and if the master is another software? probably the software that will send the audio will be ableton live. Are there any systems to recover any latencies during the execution? they talked to me about timecode that constantly sync audio and video on 2 computers, but I did not understand much about this

  • @FabioQE you must use SMTPE time code. Ableton can use it. 

  • I found this:

    is there any other SMPTE system better?


  • @FabioQE I don't know it, try it and report us :-)

  • SMPTE code is encoded in an audio track, it can be easily sent and converted over distance. You can also use midi timecode for sync this works well. Many motu cards have the ability to convert to and from MTC <> LTC but their drivers for USB are awful so this only works on firewire.

    This software is designed to do what you want,

    It can be done in a variety of ways from Isadora but search sync in the forums, avoid jamming the position of one system into the position of another, a better way is to compare position and adjust speed of a slave accordingly, less overhead, I have worked like this a lot and been able to get pretty tight sync.

    It would be much better to play the video and audio from the same system (or as much as you can)

    You can also make the movie with an audio track that is timecode (you can generate LTC here then send thius as audio to an LTC receiver, or convert it to MTC with this on mac or this on PC