• Hi guys,  last month I set up an exhibition work using four windows 10 machines connected through ethernet switcher sending osc information between them(IR sensor goes in the server machine via MIDI usb) . After a week of perfect operation the museum is reporting that two of these machines are constantly crashing, about 3 crashes a day each. The computers have 6 video outputs via gtx960 graphic card, all of them having the same operational system and SSD hard drives. I'm trying to get a hold of the complete machine specs but as the installation is currently shown in a museum away from a city center with low internet connectivity I'll have to send someone there just to do this job and also get a crash report inside a pen drive, but believe me it's going to be hard. I'm using HAP codec inside a quicktime as AVI gets an almost instant crash and also the performance level goes down, not really clear why. Can someone help me with the information above?All the best, Júlio

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    When Isadora worked and then suddenly not anymore, deleting the preferences would be something I would try:


    1. In the Finder, choose Go > Go to Folder…
    2. Enter this text: ~/Library/Preferences
    3. Find any files that start with the name “Isadora Prefs…” and move them to the trash
    4. Empty the Trash


    1. Download the file windows-delete-isadora-preferences.zip
    2. Unzip the file
    3. If you are logged in as the administrator of the computer, then double-click the resulting batch file “Delete Isadora Preferences.bat”
    4. If you are not logged in as the administrator, right-click the “Delete Isadora Preferences.bat” file and choose “Run as Administrator…”
    5. When the script completes, the preferences are deleted.


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    If the systems are all the same, and the issue is affecting only 2 of the 4, I can't think of a clear reason.
    Could it be a data transfer/hardware issue? Perhaps after a week of playback some cache files have built up and your drives are short of space?
    How long where you able to run all 4 machines together during testing?

  • I have several permanent installations running Isadora, but this is true for all the pays I do. I use a program called "restart on crash" to automatically restart Isadora when it crashes. For Mac, there's a script i think Mark posted on the old forum, but it's less stable. 

    A lot of times the cause is a combination of codecs and file resolution. After a while I figured out that I can spend long times troubleshooting and narrow down the causes of a crash for, but inevitably Isadora will crash. My solution, is to have a contingency plan for Isadora to reopen one it crashes.

  • I got the crash report file ! hooou yeah.....CrashRpt-Log-2017-10-06T15-49-10Z.txt

  • @LPmode How can I get this so called "restart on crash" program? Is it the one provided by w-shadow company? The problem is, as I don't have enough usb Keys, there's always that ok button you have to press in order to start isadora on demo mode. And that window is always on top of the displayed videos.

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    Next to the USB version to save your changes with the dongle, do install the NON USB version and use that for running the installation, there you don't have to press ok to restart Isadora.

    Best Michel

  • @DusXDuring the first two weeks they ran without hitch.... The hardware have the same specs but have been previously used in different installations, so they probably have different different softwares and cache files installed.

  • @julio_parente

    Can you get the actual crash dump files to us? They should have been transmitted to our server automatically, but it will be hard to know which crash dump files are yours unless you entered your email in the crash report dialog. The crash reports are stored at


    if you can get those to us, I can analyze them to see what's going wrong.

    @DusX please follow up on getting these reports with @julio_parente and alert me once you've got them

    Best Wishes,

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    @julio_parente said:

    I got the crash report file ! hooou yeah.....CrashRpt-Log-2017-10-06T15-49-10Z.txt

     @mark I think this might be them?

  • @julio_parente 

    Unfortunately the files were not uploaded to our server - the logs show an error attempting to connect to our server. Hopefully they are still in the folder where the CrashRpt system puts them, which is here:


    which according to the logs above are at


    The names of the files I need are:


    If you get me the right files I can work on the problem.

    Best Wishes,