• Hello, everyone,

    I'm programming a show right now, and we're running into some stuttering. We're only playing one file right now, and the workspace says we're running between 59.9 and 60 FPS, but there's definitely some halting in playback.

    I ran a test with a lot of mappings (16) and different video content playing on all of them. With that, Isadora said we never dropped below 54.5 .

    Does anyone have ideas of what could be done to solve the stuttering?



    32GB RAM

    2x GTX 1080 Ti

    1TB M.2 Internal SSD

  • what codec is your movie? is your Movie Player set to optimise Performance or Interactivity? is your movie the same resolution as your Stage?

  • Izzy Guru

    This sounds like a video codec issue. 

  • Tech Staff

    The 2x gtx 1080 might be causing a conflict if you have not deselected the 'Share OpenGL Resources' option in the preferences.
    Deselecting this will greatly effect how your scenes need to be built... the stage must be selected at the source (movie player) not the projector, and you can mix sources targeting different stages.

    It is worth creating a test file and trying playback with the option deselected.

  • I found with Izzy on windows I had to set all screens and projectors (even the control screen) to the same refresh rate (and that should be the refresh of your video so 60p goes to 60hz, 30p videos to 30hz etc, you may have to spend some time doing custom monitor profiles to get this to work) to get proper performance. 

    Also turn of vertical retrace sync, as much as I thought it was important it ate all my resources. 

    Last, I would take out the second 1080ti- if it is just to get extra outputs get an MST Hub, way cheaper than the extra 1080ti and easier performance across outputs (you can do 6 stages and a preview or more with MST hubs). I use a 1080ti fast drives etc and windows, had great performance (was using HAP AVI, but had a test with .mov too). 

    Definitely do the first 2 steps, refresh rate and retrace settings..

    Next test another movie- what is the resolution of your movies and outputs?

  • Thanks everyone for your responses.

    We're using the HAP codec in a MOV wrapper, with players set to Performance. We're using IzzyMap, so most of our content is the same size as our inputs, but not necessarily our stage sizes.

    I'd like to avoid disabling the "Share OpenGL Resources' option, because that would mean major reprogramming of a lot of things. We're going to try moving to one video card instead of 2 and see what happens. I'll update when I have information on that.

    Reducing Isadora from 60FPS to 30 FPS helped significantly, but didn't fully solve the problem. I'll experiment with the Windows settings and update later. Vertical Retrace Sync is off.