Live Capture settings vs. System settings

  • Hi, Thanks to the " Stuttering Video" discussion I changed my system settings from 29.97fps to 60fps and the video has a much smother playback.

    I notice that my "Live Capture Settings" from a black magic box needs to be set at 59.94 to match the incoming video or I see no video. Now there's a small sputtering in the video because I believe the Live Capture is 59.94 and the system is 60.

    Is there a way to lock the system (ala ref input) to the input capture? Or just add a 59.94 to the system?


  • @craigw when you say system settings what are you referring to? The target framerate setting in Isadora? Or the settings of your screen outputs?

  • Here's a screen grab.

  • @craigw a few questions to help narrow this

    Is your capture interlaced or progressive? 

    Is your video (the files you play back) 59.94 or 60? and Interlaced or progressive?

    Did you try out of curiosity the 29.97 setting? 

    Are you using the blackmagic capture driver or the windows one?

    How many inputs are you running?

    What are you general service tasks set to?

    What are your outputs set to (screenshot the NVIDIA settings if you can)?

    Just a quick troubleshoot to identify the problem, With no inputs enabled at all do you get the glitch?

    Can you switch your capture to 60fps (I know you will not get an image from your inputs) and see if you get the glitch?