• I'm a total newbie so bear with me. I've been working through the tutorials and 'saved' couple of experiments along the way. Now I can't seem to open the files. I'm using the USB key and it's definitely registered. When I try and open the files I get a pop up thats says the file is missing even though I can clearly see it on the desktop. 

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    I am on Mac and use a USB key with Isadora 2.5.2 release. I have noticed that I get different responses from how I choose to launch the application 1. Starting up from the applications folder or dock and 2. Double clicking to start up the application from an Isadora patch file icon.

    The difference is that when I launch from a patch file the USB registration is ignored and the application launches in demo mode.

    This is different to your problem, but you could try all the possible ways to open your patch. These include double clicking the patch icon on the desktop, selecting File>Open from the application File Menu.

    It will assist the tech support if you provide details about your operating system and software version.



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    Do you have more than one version of Isadora on your machine?

    Try right clicking and saying 'Open With...' select Isadora.