• Is there any documentation on how the 3d stage is rendered and captured? I am assuming the all the 3d coordinates are between 0 and 1, when we output the image to the stage is it sampled at the stage resolution? Or is the whole 3d scene rendered at the selected isadora resolution. If I am using a 3d model and using 2 video projectors to project the image back onto a building, will each stage take the stage resolution? Or will they render the iamge at the default resolution and scale as per movies?

  • Tech Staff

    3D is not my strongest point, and I suspect the best qualified to answer this would be @mark.
    However, have you looked at the virtual stage as an option for render control. Using this actor you can specify the render dimensions.
    Note that the range of the XYZ translates are -100 thru 100, and rotations -360 thru 360.

    I think given your use case of feeding a rendered 3D model to 2 projectors (stages) I would use the virtual stage option, since it allows the renderer to be uncoupled from the video preference settings.