Multiple Serial COM through USB Hub

  • Hi there

    I'm working on a project that uses 7 Arduino boards connected to a USB hub, on Windows 10.

    I've tested several USB hub models but I cannot have a stable condition since Isadora seems able to recognize only some ports and. In general, I cannot use all the 7 Arduino at the same time with Isadora.

    All the different combinations (one 7-ports hub, two 4-ports hubs, using different CPU ports) can be detected and used by the Arduino IDE and the serial monitor while Isadora doesn't.

    Since the Serial Panel allows to setup up to 8 ports, using 7 boards is something I've expected to be able to do. 

    Any hints would be very appreciated.


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    Are you able to use all 7 at the same time from the ide? 

  • Not at the same time but I can listing the ports. Isadora doesn't. Btw I can use all the 7 ports using Node, therefore it's technically possible.

    I'm going to use Node as bridge whether I cannot solve the issue using only Isadora. I'd feel not nice using another platform just to pass values from serial to Izzy, though.

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    Any advice on this?

    Does anyone know Aidan Boyle's forum handle?