Write Values to Gameplay file format

  • Hi ! I'm doing some experiments with Blackberry's open source game eningine called "Gameplay" which provides easy persistence and parameter declaration by writing out values to UTF8 encoded dot files. https://github.com/blackberry/GamePlay/blob/master/gameplay-docs/file-formats.pdf I wonder if its possible to get this file writing done with one of Izzy's actors - ? - Eventually I'd like to be able to hook things into an OSC driven interface to tweak parameters of a game scene ... Thanx for any suggestions ! Benedikt P.S. Today s the first time I opened IsadoraCallbacks.h just to check out how an I/O actor could be called back - hit print in Xcode and see it's about 120 pages of meticulously documented code ! Thank you very much, Marc - that's phantastic !