Live image capture in a simple shape

  • Dear all,

    yesterday I did a little patch, including here.
    just to put a live capture image in a simple shape. what I have done works
    but as soon as I add the shape actor, the live capture give a very poor resolution.
    I could use the crop object, which does not low the res,, but then I have only square or rectangle shapes possibles
    and I would enclose my capture in an oval.

    any idea  ?

    thanks a lot

  • Izzy Guru

    if you hover the mouse over the lines from the movie player or the shapes actor that go to the alpha mask actor you can see what resolution passes. What does it say?
    Then check what you have set in the Menu "IsadoraCore-->Preferences-->Video". What resolution is set there and what option is chosen at the dropdown menu "when combining video"?


  • Yes Michel, you are right, I checked the shape actor res and it was same as default res in my preferences
    so I modified it and now it works

    thank you !!