3D Particles controlled by the voice

  • Hallo

    I wish to control 3D Particles and model 3D shapes with the parameters of a voice.

    Is there an appropriate Isadora actor able to analyze the voice spectrum? I found on the Internet Blue Cat's Audio Analysis pack allowing to output values ... but maybe there are cheaper/more appropriate solutions? [http://www.bluecataudio.com/Products/Bundle_AnalysisPack/ ]

    Can the 3D objects 'shaped' in Isadora be exported into another 3D environment, like Cheetah3D or Blender?

    Thanks for any help


    (running Isadora 1.3.0f17 Core Video + Core Audio on MacBookPro Intel Core 2 Duo, Mac OSX 10.6.8)

  • Dear KK,

    First, the Sound Frequency Watcher will give you information about specific bands within the live sound input. From a quick viewing of the plugin you mention, it would seem that this is similar to the link mentioned above.
    As far as outputting the particle information to another environment, that's not possible. You can record the output of the stage to a new video, but that's not really what your asking for here.
    Hopefully that leads you in a helpful direction.
    Best Wishes,
  • Izzy Guru

    Could this help you?


  • Hi Mark, Hi Michel,

    Thank you for the feedback. I will try with the Sound Frequency Watcher (for the 1st part of my question)
    ...(2nd part) It seems obvious now,  as we are not in a real 3D environment ... But as I read a post on 3D shapes Mark you created in Cheetah I thought maybe there is something possible in that direction.  
    Best regards

  • Well, if you want to interactively control a 3D environment, I think Blender may be the way to go. It has OSC input.

    Best WIshes,