• Hey all,

    So, I'm getting some weird artifacts when using the 3d quad distort projector to map onto a setpiece.  No idea why they are happening.  I've attached a photo, you can see these odd black spots on the face.  I'm not at the projection computer so I can't post a photo of the actual patch, but I mocked it up quickly here at home and photo is attached.  The real one just has 3 of those setups (one for the face, one for each of the stripes.)
    Does the 3d quad distort actor not like being stacked?  I seem to only have this problem in scenes where I have multiple quads layered on top of each other.
    Thanks in advance!

    732399-patch-mockup.tiff ab3234-photo-2.jpg

  • Tech Staff

    Why are you adding an alpha if the projector is set to additive?

  • Whoops. Missed that in my mockup.  They're set to transparent in the actual setup.  I'll take a screen grab when I get to the theater tonight.

  • Tech Staff

    also if you could, a shot of what the Mask image (from picture player looks like). Just trying to get a sense of what you are trying to accomplish.

  • Thanks for your help so far!

    Attached are:
    - a pic of my stripes patch
    - a pic of the sphinx head patch (couldn't get them all in the same screen grab, but its all the same scene in Izzy)
    - my sphinx mask.

    290484-sphinx-patch.tiff 619aa2-stripes-patch.tiff 17e559-face.png

  • Tech Staff

    I guess I don't really get what you are doing here.. Is each a section of the sphinx, and you are filling with a color?
    In any-case, I don't see anything that should leave black artifacts, however; I would try switching the 3d quad distort projectors to different layers.

  • Dear SSiezas,

    The most helpful thing, if you want me to try to recreate this and see what's going on is to 1) create a sample patch that uses your images, 2) zip all of the elements (.izz file, pictures) into an archive and 3) send me the the whole package. Then I can open the patch and see what's happening.
    You can send the data to mark [atta] troikatronix [dotta] com
    Best Wishes,

  • Well the problem somehow fixed itself at final dress.  No idea why...

    The only variable I can relate to the problem is that I was still fiddling with the quad distort actors at previous rehearsals.  Final dress was the first time I opened the show file and didn't change any settings in those scenes.
    All fixed though!
    Thanks for the help.
  • Izzy Guru

    I find that sometimes when working with quad disort that I have to click off the scene and go back into it. Perhaps this is what happened?

    (However until recently I was working with a really old machine, so that could have been why)