Is Processing 2.0 Beta 6 working OK with Isadora?

  • anybody is working with is Processing 2.0 Beta 6?
    no problems with Isadora?

  • I actually have problems getting processing 2.0 running half the time so i use 1.5.1 with syphon into isadora.

    It works ok. 

  • but I read in the net that Syphon works only with Processing 2...  wich Syphon server do you use in Processing 1.5.1?

  • I mean Syphon for Processing of course

  • Ive attached the library I'm using follow the install text file in there.

    Ive also attached a text file with a sample syphon file, copy and paste the code into the processing 1.5.1 compiler. 
    More information on this can be found at,
    like i said though this isn't the latest version of the library and it isn't the latest version of processing but it works for me. 
    Lanz 2eec5c-syphon-example.txt

  • THANK YOU sooo much Lanz, great! own you a beer next time I'll be in London

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