• Hi gang,

    I am an Izzy noob, and using it on my first show.  Projected scenery - mostly still images with a few short video clips at the beginning of the show.
    The software has begun freezing on me during the show.  I can't seem to re-create the freeze, even though I am recreating the show conditions pretty precisely.  I am not operating the show, so I am not present at the computer when it does freeze, but it has been consistent:  although not on the same scene every time.
    I am using keyboard watchers and jump actors to navigate through the show.  I am using Isadora 1.3.0f24 on Windows 7 64bit on a 2.6Ghz machine with 6Gb of RAM, outputting through HDMI at 1920x1200.
    I've attached my show file.  Can anyone explain what might be happening? 


  • Dear J.

    OK. Well the patch looks pretty straightforward. (Though, for what it's worth, those Pan Spin Zoom actors are a bit expensive CPU wise.) That being said, a couple of questions:
    1) You're using a lot of pictures. Most of them are JPEG, but a couple are PNG. I wonder if the PNGs could be somehow causing trouble. If it's not a big deal, I'd change those PNGs to JPEGs just to see if it helps.
    2) What is the resolution of those pictures -- if they are not consistent, then perhaps a range. A common mistake  is to use pictures that are _way_ beyond the resolution of the video projector. (Often, people just are thinking about it; they export from their camera software and import into Isadora; but the resolutions are like 4096 x 3192 or whatever. Those are big images to load, and not necessary since the projectors at most are 1920 x 1200.)
    3) The main movie clips are AVI files. I assume you have the "Windows Native Playback" option turned on in the Isadora Preferences?
    Let me know if any of these suggestions help or trigger an insight for you.
    Best Wishes,