One show in uk doing good demo of projection mapping at the moment


    probably cant watch it from outside uk, sorry - will be on iplayer later

  • that link is usless now as it takes you to whatever is currently on bbc 1 sorry.

    Heres the link for where the show will be up in a while for watch on demand

  • D'oh! Can't watch outside the UK. :-(

    -- M

  • This is that clip, i have to say it looked pretty poor when screened on TV because  they had bad fog the image had low intensity and you could see the beams of light. the bbc have since put this up to show its true potential.
    i thought id add this tutorial, I'm sure many of you have already seen this...

  • I thought it was interesting and worth posting because it was very mainstream (early evening prime time telly in uk), and there was an earlier segment in the show that showed them preparing for it - mapping the building etc...

  • yea it is interesting now people outside of the uk can watch it too :)