• I just installed this new version on my macbookpro 2.8 GHZ intelcoreduo (10.5.8 quicktime pro 7.6.9) and I have those message showed on screen capture. I kept an old version from izz but I put in another file and it's not open.

    Any idea ?

    41c32d-bug-1-izz-1.3of25.tiff d48cdc-bug-2-izz-1.3of25.tiff 4ea5b6-bug-izz-1.3of25.tiff

  • Hmmmm... that's very strange. When you say new version, do you mean 1.3.0f24, 25 or 26?

    Best Wishes,

  • Hello Mark,

    I mean 
    Bug on 1.30f25 when opening.

    I tried whit 10.6 and I had no Bug.  But I can't do a migration on my laptop.


  • I experienced a similar problem today, although likely having a different cause. I launched fresh demo version (no Isadora was installed before) on a new Mac 10.8.2, received an error (Isadora cannot be launched). After about a minute, however, the Isadora window appeared behind the error message. I then restarted it several times, and each time Isadora would successfully start with no problem. I glanced at the error log: It was complaining about not being able to open some file. I asked the venue to submit a bug report (I was doing all of the above using remote desktop across the ocean ;-).


  • Sorry with my recent block message (mistake somewhere).

    I didn't see the 1.30f26 download.
    Could it resolve the problem ?

  • I sometimes find that I have to do "end task" in task manager after quitting Isadora. the exe still hangs there and attempting to run isadora does nothing, no prompts. windows 7x64

    just did a few tries -(less than 10 )with opening and closing isadora and happened a few times. I saved a few isadora.dmp dump file from the task manager option.