• Hi out there,

    does anybody know how to get a simple
    "user lost "message into isardora?
    (and vice versa "user activ")

    • via midi or osc

    greets mickey

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    I'm sure NI Mate sends out a value of 0 via OSC if no user is present and then 1, 2, 3, re the more users that are visible.

    So if 0 that means none, 1 equals 1, etc.
    I will double check.

  • Hi skulpture,

    thanx a lot for your concern!

    I can get a "/people" value out of NI_mate  -

     it starts from "0" then  counts up from "1" to "4" and after  backwards  but only after minutes back to 0 -
    whereas in the "log window " it shows a straight forward message: "New user_1" / "user lost"
    multi user is `off´ only tracking one person (nearest)...

    (tried in in the NI_forum but there its very calm... so sorry to post it here,
    but I know, that there are some NI_mate users  around izzy.....)

    the thingy is :
    I want to steer is just a little film sratching 120 frames....
    (I did already encounter some strange codec-trouble in the "movie player"...
    had a discussion in the forum about it, found a workaround.....)

    so it's just straight 0 to 100 tracking but when the user leaves on the ' 100 ' side, the filmpositionwill jump to 0 ( or worse: jitters)  but I want it soft.....
     - so the plan would be to have an "envelope gen" stable triggered....

    small issue big problems....

    grateful for every hint

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    Yup I see your dilema and there has been a conversation about this... (as you know as you commented a few days ago)

    I will give the comment a nudge and see if the guys reply.
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    @mickey; would this work? (you might have to save it or open it in a new window) 03c4d6-screen-shot-2012-12-14-at-14.01.48.png

  • Thank you for this extensive help Graham.

    Best Wishes,

  • hey sculpture

    thanx a lot
    I'll check it out ... deadlines....stress....
    for now i found a far less elegant solution by bringing up the smoother value for just one sec when the user is on the right side (value eq 100). simple but funktions ,-)


  • yes: I owe you a drink (or two)  ,-) ,  mark much more .....one day I#ll make it to berlin.....

  • Buy Graham the beer! He deserves it more!